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perjantai 2. helmikuuta 2018

Lost our little furry friend...

A sad day to us today...

We lost our little furry Friend Tikru..

We don't know what happen - we took him to a vet this morning - all was fine and he was vivid, lively oneself - except that for unknown reason, that he didn't get his number 2 done..

We took him to vet once before cause he just stopped making number 2 - he didn't look ill in anyways and the vet didn't find anything wrong with him - his anal ulcers were full, but that's all she found..

She gave us a laxative medicine prescription to try and said that maybe we should try to offer him more moister food..

He was all normal playful and lively himself - but no number 2..

So today in the morning we took him to vet again after talking with the vet on the phone.. So that she could do more examination to maybe fins out what was wrong with him..

Thankfully our daughter lives near the veterinarian reception, so the vet took him to her care like at first time..
Then about maybe half hour before we close our shop she phoned that she thinks there's something wrong with him - apparently he didn't recovered from medication like he did last time - he had "screamed" in some way and he couldn't stand or walk and had started to get some kind of convulsions or something...

Shortly after that call she call in a panic that she thinks that he's not breathing  anymore...

It just broke my heart to see him lying on the floor like that :¨( :¨(

He wasn't our only cat, but he was our baby-boy and every bodies friend and no he's gone...
My Pilkku cat lost his best friend - and to see him search for his friend and little brother..

Goodbye Tikru...
You will be missed.....

torstai 1. helmikuuta 2018

I won...

Well - actually I came in third, but I won a prize :)

In the Paper Minis competition- if you remember..
I do admit I did spent quite a lot of my time going through pages  and dreaming of what would I choose IF I ever would get so lucky, that I would get to the top three..

There wasn't many  participants this year, but never the less I got to the top three ! - a real dream come true moment for me and I won  $25 worth of Paper Minis kits!!
And boy was I thrilled about it.. (^^)

Took quite a while to make a decision for what would I pick...  I know I wanted some books - I just LOVE her books - I mean, just go through those book pages of her's and I guarantee you agree with me... and oh, that Alchemist's Laboratory kit, what would I give to get it! (**) 
... Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you, that I've spent hours and hours just drooling after goodies in there and wishing I could some day have at least some of them as my own... Well now I have!!

Thankfully there were some things in sale which helped quite a lot my decision making..
Boy what it long waiting! But on Monday my treasures arrived :)
A bag full of goodies :)
Here's what I picked..

To my luck the book sets were on sale that time, so I could get them all and didn't have to do the agonizing decision of letting some of them away...
(tried that before I notice they were on sale and it didn't go well - without it I think I would still be thinking what to get *grin*)

 Needless to say that Lily Luna has been clapping her hands every now and then ever since they game and dancing around the house singing "Mine - all mine..La-la-laa"
No point of telling her that there is other takes to them too - she finds it out eventually :)

Cause I had little left to cove the winning sum I also took this - one long time dream too..
Now I'm just waiting the seasonal time to end in our shop that I can concentrate all my energy in their making - I would be more than pissed off if I would ruin them by rushing..

I'm so thrilled I'm barely "keeping in to my pants" *lol*
(I guess "I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself" would be more civilized version of saying it ;) )

I have dreamed of these for so long - that I'm almost too scared to do anything to them (^^)

I'm so hoping that this will mean that in the miniature ways - this will be a good year for me - let's keep our fingers crossed for that ;)